What is the Importance of Incurred Claim Ratio in Selecting a Health Insurance Company?

April 10, 2023

A good decision is made intentionally after considering all the necessary aspects. Sometimes, your one major decision can make you get a boatload of happiness and benefits. Don't wait any longer and acquire impeccable health insurance right away. You can even have more than one health insurance plan from distinct insurance companies. It doesn't just help you raise your coverage amount but also permits you to get a plethora of benefits from numerous insurers. What could be better than knowing that when the ball is not in your court, you have a shield to protect yourself? Health insurance gives you peace of mind which is not easy to find in today's tumultuous world.

One of the most prevailing reasons that tends to persuade a significant chunk of the population to get medical insurance is to acquire the best medical care without putting any strain on your finances. Health insurance plans deliver protection to tackle soaring medical costs without worrying about facing any financial woes. It covers hospitalization expenses, daycare procedures, domiciliary expenses, and ambulance charges, among many others. Instead of stressing about paying heavy hospital bills, a health insurance policy enables you to focus on your quick recovery.

Additionally, healthcare plans can make policyholders reap tax benefits. Premiums paid towards your health care policy are qualified for tax deductions under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

You don't get a notice before you go unwell. Thus, everyone should get an all-around medical check-up every once a year to ensure that nothing is wrong with their health. And do you know what the best part is? Your health insurance policy will cover this annual medical check-up. It is a complimentary benefit that is rewarded by insurance providers on the renewal of your policy. The check-up costs will be compensated to you irrespective of the hospital you select for the same.

In India, treatment costs generally differ from one city to the other. Medical costs usually soar in urban cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

With a zone upgrade, it is possible to get higher financial coverage for treatments at various city zones. Zones are categorized as per the city’s medical expenses. The higher the medical expense in a certain region, the higher it is positioned in such a category.

This add-on permits you to reckon the discrepancy in treatment costs across various regions or zones with a little higher premium. But subsequently enables you to welcome money-savings by letting you save your total premium by 10%-20%.

Unquestionably, innumerable insurance companies are swarming the market. This makes it exhausting for a potential seeker to find the right plan that suits his needs and budget. Before you step out to buy the health insurance plan, it is necessary to ponder on aspects like the coverage, benefits, premiums, etc.

While the significance of these aspects cannot be overlooked, when it comes to health insurance choosing the health insurance company is possibly the pivotal thing that surpasses every other factor. Selecting the right company can make or break your life. As there are numerous insurance companies, how do you choose the best one?

There are an array of factors that you need to consider to decide the best health insurance company. But the most dominant aspect is claim settlement. You invest in an insurance plan that your insurer will equip you with requisite financial aid during a medical emergency. Therefore, when you are filtering through various companies, remember to pay heed to the incurred claim ratio. Read further to comprehend what incurred claim ratio is and what makes it so significant.

Incurred Claim Ratio

The total cost of all claims paid by a company divided by the total amount of premiums accumulated over the same period is understood as the "incurred claim ratio." Incurred claims ratio illustrates a corporation's ability to pay claims. If a company's ICR is higher than 100%, the amount of cash provided as claimed is greater than the amount obtained as a premium. During such circumstances, it is possible that a company will face a difficult time to stay relevant in business. It may end up rejecting distinct suspicious claims, increasing the rate to handle claims favorably, or completely altering its product.

If an organization’s ICR ranges from 50% to 100%, it signifies that it has acquired more money in premium payments than it has reimbursed in claims. In these situations, the business earns profit, indicating that it has not only formulated a top-graded product but has managed to endorse it successfully to clients and familiarizing them with aspects like when and how to make claims.

If an organization’s ICR doesn't even touch 50%, the business is either barely settling claims or earning comparatively significant profits. The fact that the company is unable to progress is not always a positive aspect, either, as all health insurance providers ought to provide services that genuinely pay claims within the proper ranges. When claims are minimal, clients who purchase these products tend to discover that the health coverage is costly and has exaggerated exclusions. Therefore, they may end up choosing a better or more useful outcome. Therefore, an ultimate ICR ranges from 75% to 90%.

Did you know that approximately 65.06% of Indians spend total health care expenditures out of their pockets and eventually make them struggle with debt? Covid-19 has made people understand what an appropriate health insurance plan can do for them. The rising price of medical costs is constantly making people struggle. Moreover, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, etc. are also on the rise. At present, it is supremely important for people to take care of their health, so they can keep ailments away from them. While it is not always to avoid a trip to the hospital, make sure to arm yourself to combat it.  And the easiest and foolproof solution to not drain all your savings is by investing in a good health insurance plan from a steadfast and responsible health insurance company that sustains a reputed incurred claim ratio.

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