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What is Third-party Car Insurance?

Third-party Car Insurance talks about an insurance policy that covers third-party liabilities. In simpler terms, it covers damages to the third-party (property/life) instigated by your vehicle. It does not provide any coverage against damages to your car and the injuries/death of the car owner/driver. In India, it is necessary to buy this fundamental car insurance coverage to act in accordance with legal obligations. If you have a vehicle, make sure to purchase a Third-party Car Insurance Policy for it, as The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 has mandated it. Driving your car in its absence is a legal violation. You can be punished by the authorities if you are caught driving without Third-party Car Insurance. This insurance policy saves you from legal problems and financial losses that can emerge due to damage caused to third-party property and injury or death of a third party.

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Benefits of Buying a Third-Party Car Insurance Policy

Stated below are the types of Third-Party Car Insurance

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A third-party car insurance policy is an easy-to-understand plan. It does not include complex features like a Comprehensive policy. You can buy it conveniently through your smartphone within a matter of minutes.

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Legal Obedience

Buying a Third party car insurance policy is necessary as per the laws in India. An active policy will save you from legal trouble. By buying this plan and renewing it before its expiration date, you prevent legal violations.

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Liability cover

The policy entails a liability cover against injury sustained by the third party and damages caused to third-party property. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is a financial cover for you when it comes to paying third parties.

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Low premium

The best part about buying a third-party liability policy is that it is available at a low price. When compared to the comprehensive car insurance policy, it is quite possible to buy this policy at a nominal price.

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Mentioned below are some good features of Third-party Liability insurance:-

  • 1 It is devised to cover you against personal injuries caused to a third party and property damages.
  • 2 The process to purchase a third-party liability is easy. Select your car’s model and purchase the policy.
  • 3 If you own a vehicle then you have to buy Third-party car insurance in India as it is commanded by The Motor Vehicles Act.
  • 4 Third-party car insurance policy provides nationwide coverage.
  • 5 You can buy the policy anywhere in India and it will cover you throughout the nation.
  • 6 A third-party liability insurance policy is accessible at a low price.

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What’s covered in a Third-party car insurance policy?
What’s not covered in a Third-party Car Insurance Policy?
Below Point are covered in a Third-party car insurance policy?:
  • The third-party policy will take care of the cost to treat such injuries.
  • Death of a third party caused by your car, will reimburse the deceased person’s family members.
  • It insures you against the expenses arising out of such instances up to Rs. 7.5 lakh.
  • This policy will cover damages to the car as per the terms and conditions.
Below Point are not covered in a Third-party car insurance policy?:
  • 3rd Party Insurance does not deliver the ‘Own Damage’ cover such as damages caused by an accident.
  • 3rd Party Insurance does not cover you in case of permanent disabilities/death caused by a car accident.
  • If you are driving the car under the influence of alcohol or other inebriating substances.
  • The policy does not provide any coverage if you drive the car without a valid Driving Licence.

Why buy third-party insurance online from Policychayan?

Following are some benefits of buying a well-designed insurance plan from Policychayan.

  • 01Buying a third-party car insurance policy online from Policychayan is quick and easy.
  • 02People can access our official website 24/7 without worrying about any glitches.
  • 03No paperwork is involved to buy third-party car insurance online from Policychayan.
  • 04If you buy the policy from Policychayan, the whole purchase journey is straightforward.
  • 05Policychayan is a credible platform where you’ll find lots of insurance plans.


Financial protection.

Offers financial security to the insurers family in case of any uncertainty .


Financial protection.

Offers financial security to the insurers family in case of any uncertainty .


Loan Advantage.

Motor Insurance policy loan facility to the insurer to meet any sudden casualty


Retirement benefit.

Retirement planning offers financial help for your post-retirement years .

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Frequently Asked Questions

A third-party cover only helps you manage third-party liabilities. If you are searching for a policy that will equip you with sufficient coverage for your car as well, think about getting a Comprehensive policy.

To buy a Third-party car insurance policy, it is necessary to own a registered car to buy a.

It is regulated by IRDAI that the premium for a Third-party Car Insurance Policy relies on the vehicle engine’s cubic capacity. Different car model engines might consist of different cubic capacities which means the premium for them might vary.

Yes, it is possible to do so.

Preferably, a third-party claim needs to be raised within 60 days of the accident. Nevertheless, it is recommended to do it as soon as possible for you after the accident.

The Motor Accident Claims Tribunal manages all third-party claims.

Under the third-party injury/death clause, there is no limit concerning the compensation offered by the insurance corporation.