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What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

Medical inflation is no longer a piece of news as these days everybody is struggling to overcome its rage. This implies that having a meticulously fabricated senior citizen health insurance policy is quintessential these days. As you grow old, especially after your 50s, you get more susceptible to suffering from health issues that require medical attention. In such circumstances, health insurance turns into a boon and provides the requisite financial cushioning.  Senior Citizen Health Insurance covers the medical expenses and healthcare needs of senior citizens. It is specially devised for people who are 60 years old. This insurance plan renders several benefits, such as pre-existing disease coverage, preventive health checkups, and cashless hospitalization. It keeps you financially prepared to manage medical expenses without compromising on healthcare.

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Why Seniors Must Have a Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

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Coverage for age-related illnesses

The reason that directed the creation of Senior Citizen Health Insurance policies is to provide financial coverage to deal with age-related health ailments. These policies cover hospitalization for illnesses like cancer, kidney failure, heart issues, cholesterol, and more.

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Prevent savings from getting exhausted

Insurers cover all medical expenses that emerge due to medical examinations or treatments needed for any illness. This will eventually prevent you from draining all your savings on medical bills. You will get comprehensive coverage for medications, hospitalization, etc.

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Unshakeable financial foundation

As you age and approach your retirement, you also get more vulnerable to suffering from an array of health issues. Senior Citizen Health Insurance plans will help you generate wealth because you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on medical bills.

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Tax benefits & Lifetime Renewal

Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, a policyholder can enjoy tax benefits for up to Rs. 50,000 in a year for the premium payments done for a senior citizen's health insurance policy. And it can be renewed throughout a person’s lifetime.

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Sum Insured Rebound

If the current health cover gets depleted, many insurers offer Senior Citizen Health Insurance plans that will automatically recharge the sum insured up to the base cover so that you do not have to stress upon dealing with hefty medical expenses.

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Cashless treatment

Under a senior citizen health insurance policy, the insured can get cashless treatment or reimbursement treatment in the event of hospitalization. This frees you from the anxiety of arranging funds on a sudden basis to get the best medical treatment.

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Cover for Domiciliary Treatment

Most senior citizen health insurance plans entail coverage for domiciliary treatment expenses. This is when the treatment is given at home which otherwise would have necessitated hospitalization.

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Choice of Second Opinion

Generally, people like to get a second opinion in case of an illness. Senior citizen health insurance policies come with a second opinion (usually one) in a year that will help you get another consultation from a healthcare practitioner.

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No Claim Bonus

No Claim Bonus is defined as an amount that the insured gets as a reward for not claiming during a year. In most senior citizen health insurance plans, one can get a No Claim Bonus varying from 20%-100%.

Benefits of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Pre-medical Screening

Generally, contrary to regular most health plans do not require elderly people to undergo any medical examination before buying the policy. It helps elders save some money as they don’t have to spend money on medical screening.

Lifetime Renewability

The majority of health plans available for senior citizens come with a lifetime renewability option. In this, the insured can assure that the policy can be renewed lifelong without facing any age limit or any other limitation.

Annual health check-ups

Under most senior citizen health plans, senior citizens can get free health check-ups yearly. This facility can help minimalize out-of-pocket expenses. Though, some plans may provide this facility after every two or three claim-free years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Senior citizen health insurance policies generally have an entry of 60 years. The maximum age is different from one insurer to another and the policy you choose to invest in.

Yes, you need to go through medical screening before you purchase a health insurance plan.

Yes, buying a Senior citizen health insurance policy transforms into a good choice because seniors are more at risk of suffering from health issues.

The number of members covered under a senior citizen health insurance plan differs as per the type of the plan along with the health insurance company you choose.

Yes, some senior citizen health insurance plans do not incorporate a copayment clause. Though, this relies on the terms and conditions of the insurance company and may change from one company to another.

Yes, a senior citizen health insurance policy includes an annual preventive health check-up facility.