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What is a Guaranteed Return Plan?

Guaranteed return investment plans are investment plans that offer a fixed interest rate and guarantee the return on investment. These plans provide a fixed rate of interest on investment that remains the same throughout the duration of the investment. The investor knows exactly how much return to expect on their investment, making it a low-risk investment option.

If you are someone who wants to invest in a scheme that offers guaranteed returns, then guaranteed return investment plans are for you. These plans are ideal for risk-averse investors who want to earn a fixed return on their investment without any risk.

Goal Based Planning

Security to Loved Ones

Individuals enhance Wealth

Tax Benefits

Flexibility to Choose Plan

High Returns

Better than FD

Long/Short Tem Plan

Type of Guaranteed Return Plan

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Fixed Deposit

A fixed deposit is a secure investment option that offers a guaranteed return over a fixed period.

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Recurring Deposit

A recurring deposit is an investment option where you can deposit a fixed amount every month for a specified period.

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Savings Account

A savings account is a type of bank account that provides a guaranteed return on the deposited amount.

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Insurance Policies

These policies combine insurance and investment, providing a lump sum amount on maturity or death.

Features of Guaranteed Return Plan

Mentioned below are some good features of the Car Insurance Policy.

  • 01 The plan provides regular income for the defined range of time
  • 02 Offer death benefits along with maturity benefits
  • 03 Tax exemption benefits
  • 04 Policy term of 10 to 30 years
  • 05 Offers vested reversionary bonus
  • 06 he plan provides terminal bonus at the time of maturity

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How to Buy Guaranteed Return Plan & Factors to Consider Before Purchasing It.

Follow these simple and easy to understand steps to purchase Guaranteed Return Plan online through Policychayan

  • 01Go to the GRP service page of Policychayan
  • 02Share your basic details with us such as name
  • 03mobile number and email ID
  • 04Fill in the next form and answer the requested information.
  • 05Click on proceed
  • 06Compare and select the plan that best suits your requirement and budget.
  • 07Pay out its premium via credit/debit card

Factor 1

Know Your Goals

Determine long-short term expenses and assist your budget.

Factor 2

Premium Flexibility

You get the flexibility to choose over premium payment terms as per your choice.

Factor 3

Tax Benefit

Get tax deduction of Rs 1.5 lakhs under Income Tax Act

Factor 4

Guaranteed Return

You will get guaranteed returns with a savings plan as a maturity benefit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A guaranteed return plan is a recompense insurance policy that tends to offer life coverage with guaranteed regular income benefits for the 10 years payout period.

A guaranteed return plan offers guaranteed regular income with life cover benefits with a payout period of 10 years.

A guaranteed return plan offers tax exemption under sections 8C & 10D of the income tax act, of 1961.

You can purchase a guaranteed return plan online with the steps mentioned below; Go to the guaranteed return plan page on the service pages of Policyhai. Mention the requested details and click on get quotes. Select any one and pay its premium online.

Salaried people between the age of 18 to 60 years are eligible for the guaranteed return plan.

Yes, the guaranteed return plan offers maturity benefits along with death benefits.