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What is Individual Health Insurance Plan?

Individual health insurance plans are designed to offer financial protection to individuals and families in case of medical emergencies or health issues. It is essential for every individual to have a health insurance policy to cover unexpected healthcare expenses that may arise when they least expect it.

Individual health coverage is a critical aspect of financial planning. It is essential to purchase a policy that suits your individual needs and budget. Some factors to consider when purchasing a policy include premium cost, deductible options, and policy coverage.

Why is an Individual Health Insurance Plan is Important?

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Individual health insurance basically is the insurance plan that tends to help the policyholder at the time of their hospitalisation or treatment of their illness by paying all the hospital charges and disease expenses.

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Getting your health insurance done today is very important as the new era is introducing many ‘extraterrestrial’ diseases and you all want to stay safe. So let’s take the first step and collect some highly-beneficial amounts to cope with the forthcoming casualties.

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Additional benefits are available in individual health insurance plans online as restoration benefits in which the sum insured is refilled during the policy term, personal accident coverage, worldwide coverage, etc. enjoy all these solely and secure your future.

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Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Plan Online

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Single-Handed Policy

The policy ensures that the sum assured can be utilized by the insured only. That means you get to have the overall benefits of the policy.

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The Sum Insured

The health insurance policy comes with a maximum limit insured of Rs 1 crore (depending on your policy).

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Wider Coverage Policy

The policy will take care of all the pre and post-expenses of the treatment or hospitalization.

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Add-on or Rider Benefit

The policy will give you the option of purchasing add-on covers e.g. outpatient treatment benefits any serious illness coverage maternity benefits restoration benefits and so on.

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Numerous Claims

It offers the opportunity to take multiple claims over the year as long as the sum assured doesn't get exhausted.

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Lifetime Renewability

Health insurance plan provides lifetime renewability to the policyholder.

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Tax Benefits

The policy also offers tax benefits to the insured on paid premiums under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

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Suitable for Older People

The plan is much more suitable for older people as it provides financial security for individual health.

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No-Claim Bonus

The policy offers no claim bonus if you do not claim in the current policy.

Eligibility Guidelines for Individual Health Insurance


Adults between the age of 18 years to 65 years can buy health insurance policies. The amount of premium paid varies according to your age.


If there is a certain pre-existing health condition you’re already suffering from like heart problems or diabetes you can still select the plan of several policies specifically designed to cover these illnesses.


There are some medical tests which are mandatory for people above the age of 40 to 45. So before you buy health insurance you might be asked for some medical test to check your eligibility for health insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All medical expenses accidental loss or illness are covered under individual health insurance. Only specific covers are excluded (depending upon the insurance company you select.

There’s no age limit for buying an individual health insurance policy. Although it is said to be more convenient if you purchase it as soon as you get 18. Premium rates are lower at a young age

Because the health insurance policies provide financial protection against the unexpected cost of pre & post-hospitalisation and other included coverages such as critical illness and treatment.

Follow the few simple steps Go to the individual health insurance page Fill in your details and click on get quotes Compare and select any one suitable plan and pay its premium online Enjoy your health insurance policy.

Ambulance expenses in-patient hospitalisation expenses daycare procedures pre & post-hospitalisation expenses organ donor expenses etc. are covered under individual health insurance policies.

It’s a kind of claim settlement where the insured person doesn’t have to pay any amount of cash for all the pre & post-hospitalisation and treatment. The insurance company pays all the expenses directly to the networked hospital.