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What is Health Insurance for Parents?

Undoubtedly, parents make their best possible effort to give a world to their children. As they grow old, it gets better if a child reciprocates the love and efforts of their parents in the form of care and wise decisions. If you are worried about your parents’ health, ease your worries by choosing the best parent health insurance policy. Health Insurance for Parents helps you get peace of mind learning that your parents are covered for treatment costs and hospitalization, which can sometimes emerge due to age-related issues ultimately causing high medical costs. It is better to choose a policy with a considerable premium that also offers benefits such as annual health check-ups, tax benefits, cashless treatment, and so forth. It allows you to manage the healthcare cost of aged parents commendably. You can find an array of health insurance providers that provides a selection of health insurance plans for parents at Policychayan.

How to Choose Health Insurance for Your Parents?

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Maximum Coverage- Before you buy health insurance for your parents, you must go through the policy inclusions and limitations. Your parents need a plan that provides coverage against several diseases. At this age, they’re vulnerable to suffering from critical illnesses, so the plan should cover this aspect.

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Entry Age - Most health insurance policies deliver coverage from 55 to 80 years yet you’ll find plans whose entry age is above 60 years. Select a plan that in which entry is permitted at an advanced age and there is no limitation to the maximum age and comes with lifelong renewability.

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Compare Various Health Insurance Plans – You certainly want to choose the best health insurance plan for your parents. But how do you ensure this? It is pivotal to make sure that you assess numerous health insurance plans available in the market before you settle down on the final one.

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Pertinent Reasons to Buy Health Insurance for Parents

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Medical inflation

As medical inflation continues to affect people by welcoming unexpected medical emergencies, it gets more important than ever to invest in a wide-ranging health insurance plan for your parents at an early age. It will help you not drain your savings.

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Increasing lifestyle diseases

Lifestyle changes can make a person suffer both physical and medical health issues. Henceforth, it is crucial to invest in a Health Insurance policy for Parents to protect them from health issues and medical expenses that can cost a fortune.

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Comprehensive Coverage

The best health insurance plan provides is not restricted to offering coverage for a hospitalization expense in the cover. It also covers expenses sustained pre and post-hospitalization expenses such as day-care surgery, regular health check-up coverage, etc.

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Tax benefits

Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, the health insurance premium for parents’ policy is eligible for tax exclusion. You will be able to save Rs. 50,000- Rs.75,000 due to tax benefits. Nonetheless, this may vary as per the pertinent tax limits.

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Affordable premium

Health Insurance for Parents can help you enjoy affordable premiums that do not compromise on features and benefits. It lets you secure your aging parents without burning a hole in your pocket and impeding other future financial goals.

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Peace of mind

Your parents have tried to give you the best of all, so don’t you think now it’s your responsibility to give them the best? Health Insurance for Parents helps to get peace of mind knowing they are safe from health and financial issues.

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Hospitalization Expenses

Without any doubt, hospitalization can give rise to more than a few expenses such as nursing charges, ICU fees, and room expenses. Health Insurance for Parents aims to cover all the expenses sustained during hospitalization.

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Recovery Benefit

If the doctor advises you to stay in a hospital for more than 10 days at a stretch, many insurers will pay for other financial losses that might have occurred due to your absence at home. It helps you manage other expenses during your hospitalization.

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AYUSH Treatment

Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy – these treatments fall under AYUSH treatments. Some reliable insurance companies may provide this coverage as a part of the basic plan.

Why Buy Health Insurance for Your Parents from Policychayan?

Instant policy issuance

Policychayan is a legitimate web aggregator platform that enables you to purchase a well-suited insurance plan online. Here, the policy issuance will only take a matter of minutes which means you don’t have to wait for long to assure that you have finally received the policy.

24*7 customer assistance

At Policychayan, our ultimate aim is to help prospective seekers find the best plan that goes well with their requirements. Our dedicated customer support team is always enthusiastic about addressing your concerns regarding without making you face any trouble.


Policychayan is regulated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India(IRDAI) so you can blindly trust us. The motivation that led to the formation of this platform is to help potential customers. Here, you can compare and choose the best of all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the children’s responsibility to take care of their parents in their autumn years. With ever-increasing medical needs and rising inflation, it gets imperative to buy health insurance for your parents.

Yes. When it comes to the case of a pre-existing medical condition, there is a certain length of time you have to serve as a waiting period before you are allowed to file the claim. While determining which insurance to buy, it is sensible to opt for the one which comes with the minimum waiting period.

It usually relies upon the age of the parents and the terms & conditions of the insurers. Some insurers may need rudimentary information to issue a policy, while many insurance providers may request you submit your parents’ medical reports.

A Senior Citizen plan is one of the classifications of Parent's Health Insurance plans. A Senior Citizen Health Insurance plan is for people beyond the age of 60 years.

Usually, mothers tend to overlook their health issues due to a lack of time or other commitments. A good health insurance plan can assist them acquire the best treatment in their hour of need. Therefore, health insurance for a mother is imperative.

Typically, a waiting period applies to pre-existing diseases. It denotes you can raise a claim only after a certain number of renewals.