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PNB Investment Plans 2023 Help you Meet Future Funding Needs

People need funds at various stages of their life. To satisfy this need, individuals need to build the corpus. Earning is not just the only way to grow your money. Wealth generation gets accessible with multiple investment plans.  Choosing investment plans implies growing your money while you sit back. As there are several investment ways, it gets tricky to choose one that you find the most suitable. Nevertheless, the simplicity of investment plans proffered by reliable life insurance companies can make one of the finest options for you. One of such trusted companies is PNB Metlife Insurance. Begun operating in 2001, PNB Metlife adheres to a philosophy called- 'circle of life'. It has earned a positive reputation in the market for helping customers satisfy their financial requirements. Our solution and products cover 4 stages of life- child education, family protection, long term saving, and retirement.

PNB Metlife Investment Plan 2023

PNB Metlife Savings and Investment Plans are not confined to just providing the benefits of insurance but also entail market-linked investment enabling the flexibility to invest in equity or debt funds. As per your risk appetite, you can begin to invest in a desired PNB Metlife investment policy. Undeniably, PNB Metlife insurance investment plans can add a ray of sunshine when times are tough.

At Policychayan, it is our commitment to save your loved one's future. You can buy PNB Investment Plans from here with just a click. A click today can help you bring a silver lining during challenging phases of life. Our dedication will win your heart. We help our seekers choose the best so they don’t have to settle for anything ordinary. In case of any doubts, reach out to us and we will eliminate them.

Stress is one of the reasons that can make a person's life a living hell. It is possible to keep stress miles away from you by investing in a PNB MetLife Bachat Yojana. It can help you build a small yet influential portfolio that can address long-term financial needs. Its premiums are also affordable.

  • It supports you to welcome long term savings with affordable premiums.
  • You are only required to pay for 10 years and get covered for 15 years.
  • Presents Sum Assured plus Bonus if any upon maturity.
  • Waiver of premium

PNB Metlife 10 year plan- PNB MetLife Bachat Yojana

  • In case of a policyholder's unfortunate demise during the policy tenure of 15 years, his/her family will receive Sum Assured plus Bonuses, if any.

What you are not eligible to receive?

Suicide Exclusions

If the reason of Life Assured’s death is suicide within twelve months from the date of the beginning of risk, or from the Date of Revival of the Policy as pertinent, the Nominee or beneficiary of the Policyholder shall be entitled to 80% of the total Premium yielded till the date of demise under the Policy death or Surrender Value available as on the date of death, whichever is higher, provided the Policy is still active. The company will not be accountable to pay any interest on this amount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Term deposits such as Balika Shiksha can be started without any minimum balance. For fixed deposits, usually the maximum limit is Rs. 10 crores.

Fund Boosters will be allocated to your policy at the termination of the 10th policy year provided the policy is still active and all due installments premiums are obtained in full.

On the unfortunate demise, your family will get Death Sum Assured plus bonus, if declared.

You will obtain the Base Sum Assured plus bonus if declared upon maturity.

Bonus pay out will be incorporated to your policy from the third year onwards until the termination of the policy term. The bonus will be paid out upon demise or at the end of the policy term.

Yes, PNB Metlife Insurance is safe. The PNB Metlife Insurance Company ensures to present the best life insurance policy at affordable premiums. It has gained a sturdy reputation for offering the best life insurance cover and an extraordinary claim settlement ratio to secure your family.