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What do you Need to Know about Vehicle Insurance?

In India, innumerable people everyday prefer to ride a motorcycle to cover the distance. One of the primary reasons behind choosing a bike is the convenience that comes with it. Another prevailing reason is that not everybody is financially equipped to buy a car. If you are planning to buy a bike or have already bought it, then remember to buy an ideal Acko bike insurance plan before it gets too late.

Buy a two wheeler insurance plan that you find the most suitable and guard your investment against unforeseen damages and risks. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority makes it obligatory for bike and car insurance to get a suitable insurance policy. If you stay away from penalties, make sure to get your vehicle insured. A potential seeker can begin the process by assessing their requirements and various insurance policies from reliable insurers. Make sure to check which policy is offering the maximum coverage to relish the maximum benefits.  

Comparison is the key to finding the best Acko insurance plan. You need to understand that bike insurance policy maintains different attributes therefore try to find out what aspects are covered under your plan. But which plan will offer the most coverage to crush financial risks surfacing due to accidents or calamities? You can determine this after considering the premium that you will be required to pay. Given below are two types of two-wheeler policies.

Comprehensive bike insurance policy will safeguard the rider from every type of physical injury and the two-wheeler from damages.

Third-party liability will work to protect you from legal, physical, and financial damages because of the third party's fault. As per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1961, it is illegal to drive a vehicle without a proper insurance plan.

When you have a suitable insurance policy, your insurer would be accountable to bear physical destruction and financial loss.

Two Wheeler Insurance with Personal Accident Cover

Besides the third-party cover, it is also necessary to add a personal accident cover in your bike insurance policy. It would reinforce your plan by equipping you with a cover of up to the sum Rs. 15 lakhs for any accident that causes physical destruction or death. A policyholder can also cover co-riders under this policy. It is imperative as it will offer you coverage in case of accidents and injuries due to a road accident. You will be eligible to get 100% compensation in case of death, mutilation of limbs, loss of eyesight and other sort of permanent disability.  

These days, it is not a wearisome task to find a reliable company that offers various types of insurance. One steadfast organization is ACKO that has assisted several people to buy vehicle insurance. It has made the insurance buying process seamless, quick, paperless, and hassle-free.

If you have decided to buy an insurance plan, Policychayan is here to help you. We have established our company to fulfill your insurance-related needs without making you go anywhere. Our 24*7 customer support allows us to address your concerns hassle-free.  


Similar to bike insurance, if you have a car, buying acko car insurance online will turn into a wise choice.

You don't buy a car every day, so it is necessary to take some preventive measures to keep it protected against unforeseen damage. For most people, buying a vehicle is one of the milestones. If you are a car owner, make sure to buy a well-crafted car insurance plan online.

Besides the insurance, acko car insurance renewal is also crucial in order to keep your investment protected. 

Why is it important to compare car insurance online?

Don't buy the very first insurance plan that you come across on the internet. Make sure to compare different plans from an array of insurers to choose the best one. Comparing car insurance online helps you to find appropriate coverage at an economical premium.

Saves time

These days, the majority of people follow a jam-packed schedule that leaves them with no or very less time. People prefer to spend their weekends doing leisure activities instead of struggling with the hassle of finding a reliable insurance plan. Online comparison can help you learn about additional coverage, benefits, the premium payable, exclusions, and factors affecting the premium without making you leave the comfort of your home. Comparing car insurance online permits you to select a plan that you find the most lucrative.

Don’t have to depend on an agent

By comparing bike insurance online, you don't have to rely on an agent to find a wide assortment of insurance policies along with their benefits, premium, and many more.  

Car insurance premium calculator

Unquestionably, a car insurance premium calculator is a useful tool as it allows you to discover an ideal car insurance policy as per your given information. It helps you stay away from the hassle by presenting accurate details promptly to help you make the right decision.  

A List of Things to Remember while Comparing Car and Bike Insurance


Comparing different premiums is good, but make sure to pay heed to the covers that they offer. A particular company may include the lowest quote; however, it may not satisfy all your requirements. So, it is critical to compare both coverage and premium before you reach any decision.

Coverage & add-ons

Every plan is different. Some offer just a basic cover, while others proffer extended coverage. Furthermore, there are add-ons to upgrade your insurance plan. Make sure to get only that coverage and the add-on covers that meet your needs.


It is used to define the segment of the repair bill that you have to handle while settling claims. You can choose higher deductibles, which will lessen the premium but will improve the payable amount during settlement. Therefore, compare the deductibles before you settle on any insurance plan.

Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR)

'Claim settlement ratio' is employed to address the ratio between the number of claims received and the number of claims resolved in a financial year. Higher claim ratio indicates the good capability of the insurance company to settle claims.

Review exclusions

Do not forget to go through the list of what’s incorporated and what’s not incorporated in your two-wheeler insurance policy. Doing so can equip you with an idea of whether the insurance plan is worth it.

Garage network

Make sure that the insurance provider you are planning to choose maintains a wide garage network. It will enable you to enjoy cashless facilities.  

Better safe than sorry. This saying perfectly describes the benefit of having insurance. It saves you from a dire situation where you are forced to feel sorry for yourself.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, driving a vehicle without a proper insurance plan is prohibited in India.

Yes, these days, it is easier to buy a desired insurance policy online.

Comparison is imperative to help you understand which insurance will turn into the best choice for you.

Yes, insuring your car or two-wheeler with Acko is good. Acko car insurance is good on its insurance purchase or claims, coverage, add-ons, etc. The company maintains a good claim settlement ratio of 82.35%. The claim settlement is quite simple and swift.

Yes absolutely. Acko Insurance is a trustworthy and respected organization that strives to offer car insurance policies that serve the needs of the people. Their claim-settlement ratio is more than 82.35%. This company is constantly supporting drivers to stumble upon the best affordable rates.